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Help raise awareness and show your support for families and individuals living with Down Syndrome.

What we Do?

Our group eponym PEHEL: an Initiative for Down Syndrome (Parent Expert Forum for Health and Excellence in Life). We came together to form a platform for these families, where the various aspects of their journey can be channeled in a comprehensive manner. The Parents of Children with Down Syndrome form the core of the group. Supporting them, guiding them and nurturing them are various Experts from different branches: Medicine, Law, Finances, Career Counseling, Social Support, Psychology and more....

Health Camps

Comprehensive health checkup to chart the road ahead on treatment and rehabilitation. A complete screening, testing, counseling and checkup done by a team of well qualified Doctors and Specialists to pave the road for healthy and nourishing life.

Parents - Expert Talk

A monthly meet with the experts of different fields helps sharing of knowledge and decide a course of action. Counseling and discussion in key area of Medicine, Law, Finances, Career Counseling, Social Support, Psychology to improve overall life.


A group get together filled with music, dance, play activities, pot lunch and game to fill the young minds with joy, learning and giving them a sense of ability that we can. A good time for families and kids to come and bond together and be a part of the change .

What People Say

Connecting Parents and Children with Experts : See what they say


We are very excited to be a part of this group. Every session we have attended we have taken back important learning to help our baby Jenisha’s present and future. This also provides a forum to interact with downright awesome kids and their families which has given us a morale boost, support and feeling that we are not alone. Together we can make it a better place for our kids.

Bijal Ghadiali - Parent

Latest News

Saturday 1/June/19 from 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM | Health Talk - CloudNine Hospital - Malad (West). | Contact 9291952581 for free registration.

ParentExpert meeting. – 21stSept2019

#PEHEL©: #ANINITIATIVEFORDOWNSYNDROME recently had a successful parents- expert meet at dadar east. Experts included Dr Prachi Agashe (Ped Ophthalmologist) Dr Krutika Jain (Paediatric Dentist) and Dr Indu Khosla (Pediatric Pulmonogist)

Relevant topics were discussed in great depth, and simplicity by the learned experts

Sharing some of the precious moments with all 👆

Click here for the Video

The event was attended by around 75 families with Down Syndrome, from across the city and some from outside Mumbai too

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