Our Genesis.

Down syndrome is the commonest genetic cause of intellectual disability, globally. With comprehensive medical care and good social and family support, individuals with Down Syndrome can achieve their personal 100%  There are ample examples of these individuals achieving wonders in today’s competitive world!

However, unlike the West, there aren’t many Support Groups for Families having individuals with Down Syndrome in India. Families often complain of the lack of authentic information, difficulties in
understanding the laws pertaining to their special kids, and lack of a “go-to” body, where all their doubts can find a channel and an Expert to guide through.

With these facts in mind, we came together to form a platform for these families, where the various aspects of their journey can be channeled in a comprehensive manner. The Parents of Children with
Down Syndrome form the core of the group. Supporting them, guiding them and nurturing them are various Experts from different branches: Medicine, Law, Finances, Career Counseling, Social Support,Psychology and more.


Our Vision and Aims.

  1. One-stop destination for information and guidance related to Down Syndrome
  2. Helping those who cannot help themselves, socially and financially.
  3. Digital outreach to families staying in faraway places , so that they can have access to reliable and handy information.


The group was founded by the tireless efforts of Palghar Academy of Pediatrics, led in this particular effort, by Dr Anjali Gokarn and The Purple Gene © led by Dr Shruti Bajaj.


Our Team.

  • Dr Anjali Gokarn
  • Dr Shruti Bajaj
  • Dr Jayashree Kalyankar
  • Dr Sharayu Samant
  • Dr Sylvia Colaco
  • Dr Chintan Mehta
  • Dr Rajesh Joshi
  • Dr Kant Shah
  • Jovita